Starbucks At Home With Verismo

Starbucks, my morning wake up call… Our morning shuffle includes waking up much too early, arguing with my little one about here attire for the day, desperately trying to find matching uniform socks for my eldest, and trying to get out the door before my husband can.  Why, you ask?  Obviously it has to do with something self-serving… something like Starbucks maybe?

There are two ways I can get to work in the morning.  The first, being the most streamline route, gives me the opportunity to pass by a few decent coffee shops on the way.  The second, which incorporates dropping my daughter’s off at their school, puts me in close proximity to a local Starbucks coffee shop.  Clearly, the latter route is more appealing.  Back to my morning shuffle… each morning, I time myself whether in the shower, brushing my teeth or putting on my face.  Yes, I time myself so that I can make sure to be able to get out of the door before my husband can.  It’s my only excuse to meander over to my local Starbucks and order a little something special for myself.

Fortunately, Starbucks has once again thought about my needs and desires, adding yet another incredible item to my “I WANT THAT” from Starbucks list.  IT’S CALLED VERISMO!  Verismo is the ULTIMATE in tech!  Better than the latest iPhone… Better than waiting in a line for coffee… Better than sleeping through my morning… And WAY better than timing my every move just so I can lead my family out the door each morning.  Instead, this contraption is going to allow me to enjoy ALL of my favorite caffeinated concoctions in the luxury of my home… Nom Nom!  Another bonus for you… Get FREE shipping and a box of coffee pods when you order any Verismo machine.

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